Vacancies can arise at any time and we must prepare for these circumstances.

If you think that you have the experience and qualifications to obtain employment by an organisation such as the Royal Hotel, please send us your CV.

Your CV can be hand-written or printed and you should attach it to this Form, either as a file or as a photograph of your document.

We expect employees of the Royal Hotel to know what information is required on their CV when applying for their employment area they have selected.

There are no geographical locations excluded from consideration as we have staff accommodation available subject to the normal terms expected of our organiastion.

You can “Browse” your device to add material to support your application, this is required and the form cannot be submitted unless there is an attachment. In addition to your CV you might consider a photograph¬† or selfie as an additional item to be submitted.

Remember, you want us to employ you, make it an interesting read, make it stand out!

We will review your submission and reply with an outcome as soon as is practical. If we consider you to be suitable position we will arrange an interview (Facetime or ZOOM may be used), if their is no position available now, we will advise you that we will HOLD your application, and we may be in a position that we have to reject an application we will advise accordingly.