Cookie Policy

What are Cookies?

Definition of Terms.

A cookie is a small file attachment, which is placed in the browser of your computer or on your mobile device. So-called “first party cookies” are cookies controlled by the company, which operates the domain on which the cookies are placed. Our cookies are therefore “first party cookies”. Whenever we allow third parties to use cookies through the web pages and apps (in following referenced as “Products”) of us, these cookies are “third party cookies”.

In addition to cookies, other comparable tracking technologies may be used. For example, they include tracking pixels (called pixel tags, web bugs, or GIFs), tracking URLs, local storage objects (LSO) or software developer kits (SDKs). A tracking pixel is a tiny graphic only one pixel in size which is sent either via a web page request, in an app, or in an advertisement to your computer. Pixels can be used to request data from your device, for example your type of device or your operating system, the IP address, and the time of your visit. Pixels are also used to operate and access cookies in your Browser. Tracking URLs can be used to determine via which referring website our Products are visited. LSO works in a similar manner as cookies, but the information is stored locally on your browser. SDKs, however, are small code components within apps, which work in a manner like cookies and tracking pixels.

For the purposes of the present rules regarding cookies, all these technologies are collectively referred to as “cookies”.

Depending on their function and their intended use, cookies can be divided into four categoriesStrictly Necessary Cookies, Functional Cookies, Performance Cookies, and Targeting Cookies.

Your Cookie Settings on this Product

Strictly Necessary Cookies

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies ensure functions without which you could not use this site as intended
  • Purpose of using Strictly Necessary Cookies includes:
    • displaying our Products to you and ensuring proper functioning
    • creating user account, log in, and managing your bookings
    • exchange information with partners if strictly necessary (e.g., payment / refund in case of contractual agreements)
    • serving content according to your preferred language and currency settings as well as your search and view history for your convenient, efficient, and user-friendly surfing experience on our Products
    • storing your log-in data to ensure that you do not need to re-enter them again every time you visit our page. Your password, however, is always encrypted.
    • preparing reports about our Products’ activities and functionality
    • management of cookie settings and cookie consent
  • Above purposes are indispensable for correct functionality of our Products considering that they enhance user-friendliness and ensure that your visit to us is as pleasant as possible or is necessary to fulfil a contract with you or our partner. The legal basis for use of these cookies necessary for the purpose of the company is Article 6, Paragraph 1, letter f of the General Data Protection Regulation. 
  • Strictly necessary cookies cannot be deactivated using the function of this page. You can always deactivate cookies in general in your browser. However, this may result on the website not functioning properly.

Cookies on This Product Which Require Consent

In addition to strictly necessary cookies, we also use functional cookies, performance cookies, and targeting cookies for various purposes. We also integrate third party contents in our Products. For example, this includes the installation of social plugins of different social networks, videos from video platforms, special features like chat windows or maps. These third-party providers may install cookies while you visit our Products and, as a result, for example, receive information that you have accessed our Products. Please visit the websites of such third-party providers to receive more information regarding their use of cookies. Whenever you have decided to basically not grant or withdraw your consent for the use of cookies which require consent, we will ensure that these cookies are no longer installed on your computer in the future. Whenever you decide against functional cookies, performance cookies, and targeting cookies, under some circumstances, you may not be able to use some functions on our Products.

Functional Cookies

  • Functional cookies enable us to provide enhanced functionality and personalisation. We also provide additional communication channel for example web and app push notification, in which functional cookies is required to deliver the messages to your browser or device.

Performance Cookies

  • We are not aware of the presence of these cookies.

Targeting Cookies

  • Targeting Cookies are used to display ads which are relevant for the user and target his or her specific interests.
  • For interest only, again we are not aware of these being used.

Types of Information

When you use our Products, we possess below types of information about you. We will not share the information to partners.

  • Technical Data
    • Including but not limited to device type, browser, operation system and its version, network, and connections
  • Page Data
    • Information of the page settings, including but not limited to URL, page type, name, title, version, language, currency
  • User Account Data
    • Type of account you registered or logged in, method you used to register or login, register or login status
    • Number of booking and/or cancellation you made with the account / device
    • User Account Data does not include your personal information, contact information, and credit card information.
  • Search Data
    • Information you provided for a search, including but not limited to location, hotel, date of travel, number of rooms and number of persons used in your search
    • Your interaction with the search result, including but not limited to viewing, clicking, filtering, and sorting
    • Information of the search result, including but not limited to price, type of room offers, guest rating, breakfast option and cancellation option.
  • Booking Data
    • Information of your booking, including but not limited to date of travel, number of rooms, number of persons, booking type, payment method and additional request to hotel
    • Information of the hotel you have booked or cancelled, e.g., hotel name, hotel location, hotel type, price, type of room offers, guest rating, breakfast option and cancellation option
    • Booking Data does not include your personal information, contact information, and credit card information.


The Cookie Data is set to expire after three days. But data gathered during the Booking process is kept within the booking data until it is deleted. This data may be used to contact the customer about offers and deals.